Optimizing Agricultural Planning in Udaipur Kotra Taluka with the Soil Moisture Index (SMI)soil moisture

soil moisture

The Soil Moisture Index (SMI) for Udaipur Kotra Taluka has been meticulously prepared using the formula (NIR – SWIR) / (NIR + SWIR), where NIR (Near-Infrared) and SWIR (Short-Wave Infrared) reflectance values are employed to derive the moisture content in the soil. This index is instrumental in identifying and visualizing variations in soil moisture levels across the region, which is essential for effective agricultural planning, drought monitoring, and water resource management. Leveraging ArcGIS for this analysis allows for high-precision spatial mapping and temporal monitoring, providing critical insights into the soil moisture dynamics specific to Udaipur Kotra Taluka. The integration of remote sensing data through this index supports data-driven decision-making processes for sustainable land and water use in the region.

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