Area and Density in Delhi, Year- 2011

Delhi is the National Capital Territory and it is bordered by Haryana on three sides and by Uttar Pradesh in the east. It is located at North Latitude from 28.24 – 28.53 degrees and East Longitude from 76.50 – 77.20 degrees. Delhi covers an area of 1483 Km2, of which 369.35 sq. Km. is designated as rural and 1113.65 Km2 as urban, which makes it the largest city in terms of area in the country. As per 2011Census, the density of population in Delhi worked out at 11320 persons per square kilometre as against the national level of 382 persons per square kilometer. Densityof population in Delhi was the highest among all states and union territories during theyear 2011.

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